National Recording LLC

  • 1031 W. National Avenue
  • Milwaukee WI 53204
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The Scoop

National Recording, a full-service, two-room recording studio In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offering Music Production, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering. Thirty-plus years of east / west coast & international experience, the most exciting selection of musical instruments in the area, and an historic 142 year-old facility make National Recording the choice of the Milwaukee area's finest musicians

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $40-60,
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Daniel Zelonky, Dane Mantia, Ezekiel Plevin, Rachael Percy
Special Features: Excellent backline at no extra cost including vintage Fender amps, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, and much more. Iconic ribbon mics by RCA and Shure, along wth classic Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, etc., mics. Studer console, SSL 24 channel converters. Two live rooms with visual contact between them, booth, B control roo,amp iso's.


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Studer console, Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Otari MR10 2 track
Live Room Dimensions: Medium: 351 – 750 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: Universal Audio 2-1176, EMT 266x, AKG BX15, Eventide flanger, Manley Dual Channel opto compressor, etc.
Microphones: 2 x RCA 44BX, RCA 77D, 2 x Shure 330, Neumann U87, 2 x AKG C414, 2 x AKG C451, Senheiser 441, Beyer M88, EV RE-20, EV RE27, etc.
Monitoring: Adam A77x
Instruments & Amps: 11954 Fender Deluxe, 1959 Fender Tremolux, 1962 Magnatone 460a, Marshall JCM800 combo, SWR, Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurlitzer EP200, Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe, Yamaha YC30, Yamaha 415 Electone, Crumar Orchestrator, Elka Solist 505, Korg K770, Hohner String Synth, Roland Juno 60, Baldwin Acrosonic upright, etc!