Shane L Naster

  • 8403 W 128th St
  • Overland Park Kansas 66213
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The Scoop

Mixnaster is based in Kansas and is one of the go to music services in the midwest. Since 2013 we've done projects for bands, brands, rappers, and solo artists of all kinds. Taking on specialty projects and staing creative at all times is what we do. Tours and advice is sleays free. Visit our websire for information on how to reach us.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $20-40,
Clients/Credits: We've done paid service for many clients (for a list if names please visit our website and look under "Past Projects")
Special Features: Affordable pricing, fully insured all legal music and technology, proven track record in the industry, multi-level music certified, free advice


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: MAudio Fast Track Pro
Live Room Dimensions: Medium: 351 – 750 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: Audient Mico 2 Channel HMX Pres, M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Controller Keyboard, Yamaha DD20S Drum Machibe, Yamaha PSR-48 synth-keyboatd
Microphones: JCT Aufio Designs Custom, Shure SM58, Shure Beta 57A, Shure SM48S, Shure Super 55Iis, Sennheiser E-185S, VocoPro Mark Ii, Carvin FET CM87S, NADY RSM-8 Ribbon
Monitoring: Fostex .Pmo4 Active (Pair), KRK 10" sub
Software: Logic Pro 9, Pro Tools 8.0.3, Waveburner, Compressor, Waves Gold Bundle, Waves L3?Multimaxer Bundle, Other Waves software, Arturia Analog Factory, Massey software, Melodyne Assistant, Slate Digital VTM Bundle
Instruments & Amps: Jackson customized guitar, Aria customized guitar, Fender customized guitar, Peavey BXP Millenium series emectric bass guitar, Marshall DSL401 tube amp, Marshall MG250 DFX electric guitar amp