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experience level of 35 years as a performer, writer, engineer, producer, manager and studio owner.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $60-80,
Clients/Credits: Halo Effect Adam Natoli Crawlspace The Benedicts Facing Forward Grupo Desertor Doppler Shift Jimi Falls Stephanie Picarra Hungry Bear Automatic Stinging Machine Sasquatch One Voice Corporeal Bullet Called Life Paper Street Company Emily Riesen Innatrance Washro The Geary Smith Band Fiddlestick Goats Lucas, White & Edsey Grit Gone Bandit Free Beer Eclectic Breakdown Scott Wesley Jeff Messman Steve Wik and Soul Funk Dylan and Zack Kloska BoHo Paisley Ultrazilian Fiddelstick Goats Chris McInnis GarajMahal Hero In Eden Melissa DeGott Third Movement Frosting Collaborative Ross Getts Law Abiding Citizens Ellie V Fareed Haque and The Flat Earth Ensemble Joe Conn Trio Central Axis Chardon Road Leviathan's Choir Major League Alligator Breath Zmick If Luck Runs Out BlackBox Pandorum The Coop Justin Shine Band The Hannah Ford Band Michael Freeman Grammy winning producer Jerome Cunningham Sleeping Shelby Article Level5 Ill-A-Noise Thomas Sanphilip Tommy Bolin Tribute CD The Falling Red Blake Alexander Ryan Karey (Boho Paisley) Jordan Rudess David and Goliath Derek St. Holmes Curbside Without Return Left with Tomorrow That Saturday The McClymonts Amanda Palmer Johnny Bolin Vanished Metermaid Men Who Listen Bellevue Suite Tarrington Crooked Moon Unique Pandorum Saline Makeshift Prodigy White Shadow Heather Cimarrusti Liz Mandeville GRAMMY nominated Imperial Sons St. Bagu Raju Midwest Music Conservatory Aaron Williams Band Natasha Aronson Bliss Slik Malik Yusef 5 Time GRAMMY winner Ben Abney Fareed Haque's Math Games BlackJack Sass Justin Meyer Band Mary Fakhoury Dave DuBourdieu Joy Bach The Aristocrats featuring Marco Minnemann, Guthrie Govan and Bryan Beller U Digsta Gordon Wallin Productions Tarrington Daughter of Man Gabriela Francesca Ol Style Skratch Monolith Paul Wandtke Kiara Rivera Mojo Daddies Simple Summit The Hard Cover The Falling Red?? Survivor Signature Dysfunctinal Mariachi Fire Garden Naski Corelo
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Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Nuendo 5.5, Tascam M3700, Neve 8108, Tascam MSR24
Live Room Dimensions: Large: 751 – 1,200 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: Inward Connections, TL Audio, Vintech, UA, TubeTech, dbx, Drawmer, Altec, Aphex, Orban.
Microphones: Rode, Neumann, CAD Audio, Shure, AKG, Audio Technica, American Ribbon, Sennheiser, Blue.
Monitoring: Dynaudio BM15, Genelec 1031, JBL LSR25p
Software: Nuendo, 5.5, Halion, Sequal, Acid Pro
Instruments & Amps: Marshall, 5150 II, Gibson, Peavey, Fender, Silvertone